Thursday, 5 April 2007

Google Books as a research tool

Google Books is a project that scans books, indexes them and makes them available on-line. The amount of material you can read online depends on the status of the book, but most that are out of copyright are fully readable. You can choose to search either 'All Books' or 'Full View Books'.

I tried a search for 'Croscombe'. There are a lot of reports from religious periodicals such as The Baptist Magazine; reports of births, deaths and marriages in The Gentlemans Magazine; and a whole lot more. Reports on Epidemic Cholera cites Croscombe as one of the the 35 locations to have suffered much higher mortality than the average during the epedemic of 1848-1849, while
The Book of English Rivers describes briefly the river that flows through the village.

Leave a comment if you find anything interesting in Google Books.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Derek. Google Books is a fantastic tool for genealogists. I posted yesterday on my blog ( how Google Books helped me find out more information on an ancestor than I really wanted to know. I hope more people read your post and realize how helpful Google Books can be.

Inspiration Alley said...

Thanks for the tip. Hadn't thought of using this.