Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fatal fight at Croscombe

My maternal grandfather was raised by his grandmother, and for a few years by her second husband, Charles Parfitt. While doing some Croscombe related searches on the British Newspaper Archive, I came across this article of June 19, 1896 in the Western Gazette which reveals the untimely end of Mr. Parfitt.


  The inquest as to the death of Charles James Parfitt, aged 41, stone quarry foreman, of Croscombe, was resumed on Thursday, before Mr. Coroner Louch, and did not terminate till after eight o'clock. The jury returned the following verdict:- "We are of the opinion that Charles Parfitt's death was due to a fall caused by a blow given by Drew, and we are further of opinion that Drew used more violence than was necessary for self-defence." - At a special sitting of the magistrates at Shepton Mallet on Friday Drew was charged by the police with killing and slaying. - After a lengthy hearing, in which the evidence given at the inquest was repeated, the magistrates committed Drew to the next Assize on the charge of manslaughter, but expresssed their readiness to allow bail.


Tonya said...

Hi, I have been given the Drew family tree (my family) and just wondered if you could tell me the first name of the Drew in this article? The Drews lived in Croscombe and Dinder at that time so it is probably a relation of mine.

Derek Andrews said...

Sorry, Tonya, I copied the article verbatim. I also did a further search in the newspaper archive to see if I could find a report from the assizes, but with no luck.

Do let me know if you find anything more on this story!

Derek Andrews said...

Tonya, I found a piece about this in the Wells Journal - Thursday 11 June 1896, and they gave the name as John Drew, age 27.